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Don Decker, who Able Creates Mysterious Youth Rain and Floating

28 years ago, a mysterious incident occurred in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. A young man, either with what strength, able to create droplets of water and defy gravity in the presence of nine witnesses.

Those who witnessed the event believe they're dealing with the forces of evil that comes from the devil himself.

This mystery is often referred to as a mystery or Rain Rain Boy S
tarter and regarded as one of the most puzzling mysteries and never reported by many local media to finally aired by the television show Unsolved Mysteries on February 10, 1993.

This story revolves around a young man named Donald (Donnie or Don) Decker, a young man from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, aged 21 years. In 1983, he was serving a sentence of between 4 months and one year in jail because it proved to contain stolen goods.

Mysterious events begin to happen when his grandfather, James Kishaugh, died.

Don Decker

Because Decker violations not including serious violations, on February 24, 1983, the police allowed outside prison for some time to mourn the deceased grandfather.

So Decker go home and take care of her grandfather's funeral. After the whole funeral process is complete, Decker went to visit a friend's house and asked permission to stay because he did not
have a place to live. Bob and Jeannie Decker Kieffer willing to accommodate out of jail until their permits expire.

Not long after Decker lived in the house, unexplained events begin to occur.

One day, the family Keiffer and Decker were in the living room while watching television.

Suddenly, all three felt a tremendous sense of cold. Looks like the temperature in the room
began to fall dramatically. Not long later, water droplets began to fall from the ceiling and walls of the house.

Bob Keiffer then phoned the owner of the house, Mr.Ron H. Van Why, to report the incident. At that time, Bob thought that if there are problems with home plumbing.

Getting to the report, the owner rushed home and checked the water droplets. After seeing some time, he concluded that water drops did not come from a broken pipe. He was unable to find the cause.

"I think the problem comes from the plumbing. But there is no pipeline in place of the leak. After watching for a while, I found that the water is not merely come from the ceiling. But it can also
come from the walls and floors. There is no clear direction where it came from the water. He can come from anywhere. "

So Mr.Van Why call the police because he thought there was something else going on in the house. He also called his wife, Romayne, to come into the house.

Not long after, two police officers named Richard Wolbert and John Baujan arrived.

Wolbert said:

"At that time, he (Mr.Van Rev) told me 'I want you to walk into the house'. Then I told him 'I'm not going to get into unless you tell me what happened. "

He said 'trust me, walking alone into the.' So I started walking and he was behind me. When I walk two steps into the door of the house, I was hit by water mists. "

Richard Wolbert

Wolbert said that the oddity that occurred not only rain that occurred in the house, but that water mists can also be seen against the laws of physics!

"We were standing near the front door and then watch the water mists move horizontally in the air. He is past us and into another room. "

John Baujan Officers also witnessed the oddity that.

"Suddenly I felt frightened and began to shiver. That's what I feel
. When it is a situation where something happened that had never even dreamed could happen. No one can explain what is happening. "

John Baujan

Then, the two cops are called the head of other police and explained what had happened. In the meantime they asked Couple Kieffer, Decker, Mr. Van Why and wife, to go to the cafe next door for dinner and let them check the house more freely.

Couple Kieffer and Decker take this advice. However Mr.Van Rev and his wife chose to stay.

Then, something strange happened again!

At that time, the water mists are still down in the house. However, when Keiffer and Decker left the house, mists it stop!

Rev Mr.Van immediately conclude that maybe Keiffer or D
ecker is the cause of these mists.

But which one?

And how can?

For the record, this incident happened in a small town in Pennsylvania wh
ere the majority of its people still adhere to religious values. Of course the belief in evil spirits is nothing strange in this place. Such belief also held by the owner, Pam Scrofano.

Pam who also know the events that took place at the residence of Keiffer have the same conclusion with Mr.Van Rev. In fact he believes that Decker is the person responsible for the mysterious rain.

Pam itself is an old friend of the Decker family. But that night, she felt something bad was going on with Donald Decker.

He thought, maybe this is an act of Satan. Maybe Decker being possessed.

Not to mention he had time to think about it more deeply, the couple Keiffer and Decker entered the cafes on the advice of police.

When Decker seat cafe, the rain began to fall in the cafe!

Pam Decker at first to suspect immediately ran toward the cash register. He reached for a cross that is stored on it and immediately put it into the neck cross Decker. Immediately, Decker turned into a blackish neck like a charred, leaving a clearly visible.

When interviewed by television stations, Pam explains:

"If you see Donny that night, you could see if he looks like a man possessed. He will look at you, but like you guys do not know the existence. I thought, he must have been possessed.

We sat there for a while and a few seconds later, the water appears everywhere. I've never seen anything like this happen.

There can be no prankster who could create such a joke. It's really real! Donna was the one who had caused the rain. But he did so unknowingly. "

Everyone in the room is very shocked by what had happened. Then Pam took Keiffer and Decker out of the cafes and returned home Keiffer.

When they arrived, Romayne then confronted Decker and told him that it was he who had caused all this happened.

Suddenly, there are pots on the stove began to sway and read aloud. And Don Decker found himself flying through the air!

Not long after, he was thrown into a corner.

When Decker recalled that experience, he mentions that at that time, there seems to be a major force has taken over his body. Don has a great body and not easy to be thrown away.

However, when thrown, she felt weak and helpless. At that time he began to realize that something evil is prevailing on him.

"That convinced me that I was responsible because the rain was like following me. The rain did not fall when I was not in the house. Keiffer stay there and not there something strange happened. At that time I began to realize that the cause is myself. "

Several hours later, officers returned Bauman and Wolbert came with the police chief. When the police chief came to the house, it mysteriously reappeared rain and wet.

But, perhaps because of confusion, he called for an investigation was stopped and told me the case is only a matter of damaged plumbing. He also asked his subordinates to not make any report about this incident.

The police officers left the residence Keiffer.

Although the police chief has called for an investigation is terminated, but curiosity is strong enough to get attacked by the police officers so as to make them back into the house to meet the next day Decker. This time along with another officer named John Rundle and Bill Davies.

Davies also has a strong religious life such as Pam. Then he gives a cross to Decker.

Decker took it, but soon returned it because it feels like a burning cross his palm. Then, again, in the presence of witnesses, Decker again flying through the air!

John Rundle who had heard of his previous events amazed by what he saw:

"Suddenly, he lifted off the floor and flew across the room with extraordinary powers as if a bus had hit it big. There are three scratch marks on her neck that causes blood to flow out. I do not have an answer regarding this incident. And my mind really can not understand it, even today. "

Bill Davies too:

"I have been a cop for 40 years and have never witnessed such an event. Usually, if we investigate something, we'll get an explanation about it. For this case, no explanation. "

On the third night after the first rains fell in the room, Mr.Van Rev finally decided to call a priest to perform an exorcism ritual. Decker agreed to live it.

When the preacher began to pray, Decker's body started shaking for a few moments. Then, he began to look weak and more relaxed.

And the atmosphere in the room changed. Mists of water that fell disappeared.

Everyone was relieved and confident that their nightmare has ended. For families Keiffer, maybe yes. But not for Don Decker.

After the permit Decker ended, he went back to prison. Decker began to rethink the events that have endured several days later and he began to think, if he can re-create rain in this prison?

At the time, did not happen. But a few days later, what was she thinking began to change into reality. Rain began to fall in the prison, right in the room where Decker was arrested! Water can also be seen seeping out from the floor.

Decker told the warden named Dave Keenhold the confusion if it was he who had caused the rain occurs in prison. The warden did not believe in and challenge him for re-creating the rain. Decker re-do it and rain back down.

Warden who fear it then call the prison chaplain named William Blackburn because he too believed that Decker was having possessed.

Reverend Blackburn went to Decker and asked him whether he had been using all this. Decker rejected the accusations.

A few seconds later, Decker behavior changed dramatically and began to smell a strange odor in the room.

Blackburn recall tense moments were:

"The doctors and nurses said that if we enter a room where someone is dying of cancer, we could smell unusual. Same with this, I smell a much more powerful, the devil is at work. "

Not to mention the smell was gone, Decker raised her hand and began to rain again.

"It was the rain that comes from the devil." Blackburn said.

"There was fog. At that time I was in the presence of Satan. I started to open the Bible and read it for him. I was overwhelmed by fear. If the thought, maybe then I pray more for myself than to Decker. "

Blackburn did not have to wait long because the rain had stopped.

Decker was seen has changed to be more calm. He is grateful to Blackburn for having prayed for him.

After the incident, Don Decker never again experienced a similar incident.

This incident has lasted long enough, that is year 1983 so that we will only find a few sources about this incident. However, Stroudsburg residents still could confirm this event and the characters who witnessed it too many still alive today.

Regarding Decker, those who know these events do not doubt that what happens when it is the work of Satan.

"He was possessed." Blackburn said.

"There is no doubt in my mind. There can be no human being can do as he did in that room. "

For Decker himself, encounters considered a strange episode in his life.

"The incident was never repeated." He said, "Basically, I hope the incident will not happen again. And I, you know, just live life day by day. "

Later, Decker revealed that at the age of 7 years, she has experienced sexual abuse by her grandfather. He believes that the spirit of his grandfather might be responsible for the mysterious rain.

"I think all this is done. At the time I was little, he menganiayaku. When he died, he was still looking for an opportunity to re-menganiayaku. "

Problem is, nobody knows for sure. But at least, Decker relieved because this event has ended.

Peter Jordan, a paranormal researcher who helped investigate the case of Decker gives his opinion:

"Until now, the case of Donald Decker is the case most interesting and most important I have ever handled. This does not mean that I believe these events provide positive proof of a demon. However, in this case, and from my personal experience, this event is most likely hypothesis. "

Really all these events caused by evil spirits?

Or Don Decker has the power of a mutant such as Storm in X-Men movie?

If not, what gives?

There are at least nine witnesses who witnessed the incident, including police officers James Bauman who is now a local police chief Stroudsburg.

But this story has not ended just like that. 10 years later, the team headed to Unsolved Mysteries Stroudsburg to do impressions of Don Decker.

After completing all the required interviews, nine crew returned to the motel to sleep and rest. The next morning, when they emerged from their rooms, they found large amounts of water flooded the floor where their rooms are located. Oddly enough, other non-habitable floor crew did not experience this problem.

None could explain the mysterious origin of the water.

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